Esthetic Dentistry

Today, there are tremendous advancements in technology and procedures that can dramatically enhance your smile. Nobody should have to mask or hide an unattractive smile anymore. Esthetic Dentistry will be able to present you the "wow in your smile"




LASER technology

You remember bright white teeth? You had them years ago, before coffee, tea, wine, tobacco and medicines like tetracycline found ways to stain and yellow your teeth. Now your most comprehensive solution is through laser whitening technology - In just over an hour, Esthetic Dentistry Pittsburgh can make your teeth five shades whiter! It's simple and painless and it's FDA approved! With periodic touch-ups using a customized whitening tray at home, you may keep that bright white smile for up to five years!

Many people acknowledge that a smile is a strong indication of self-confidence. Think about all the daily benefits of a bright, white smile and how that can impact your personal and professional life - A job interview, a wedding, a class reunion, meeting a new client, going on a first date, a dream vacation - Ditch the dull yellow and put your best 'smile' forward with laser whitening technology!!


Veneers & Crowns

You no longer have to live with chipped, cracked or worn teeth that hinder your self esteem. Esthetic Dentistry Pittsburgh offers ultra-thin veneers that can give you the flawless smile that you deserve.

Veneers are custom made ultra-thin laminates that are sculpted to a perfect shape, polished and bonded directly to the tooth surface. Veneers can be applied to close gaps between teeth, to align crowded teeth and to brighten dull or heavily stained teeth.

Getting rid of all the old silver fillings can easily be accomplished with the latest resins and newest porcelain.

How about those thick crowns with the black lines at the gums? The newest porcelain can also be used to restore your teeth to their natural beauty.

Esthetic Dentistry Pittsburgh can restore your missing teeth with titanium implants to dramatically improve your appearance and restore the front of your teeth.


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